Video Blogs are Back I’ll be doing video blogs almost daily so check back regularly. As for the WSOP, so far so good. I have played two tournaments, and while I have failed to cash in both I’m pretty excited about my play so far and feel good about the rest of the WSOP. In both events it wasn’t me who broke myself, it was the cards: Event #1: A player made a terrible play with 88 pre-flop against my KK going all in pre-flop, then flopping an 8. Event #3: I raised to 2000 with 5d 7d got a caller behind me and both blinds called. The flop was Qs 4h 5h. Both blinds checked and I bet 4000. All folded to the BB who called. The turn was a Qd and the big blind went all in. I was absolutely certain that he was on a draw so I called for my last 9000. He showed 6-7, and hit a 3 for a straight on the river. Had I won that pot I’d be close to 40,000 in chips and rolling in the tournament with about 450 left. Today I’m not playing until the 5:00pm Omaha HL/Stud HL, and am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’ll likely head over to TPC Summerlin to hit some balls and maybe even do a video blog from there. *** Also check out the forums at FCP for text updates from me during play. Click on forums and then look in the General Forum.]]>