Very Costly Misclick

I played all three of the HORSE events and came 37th in the $1000 buy in. Then I played the $3000 NL Hold’em event. I can hardly see right now so this blog is going to be quick and sloppy.
I had my chips up to 330,000 when the following hand came up (I was 4th in chips at the time): Guy raises to 6600 under the gun. I call from the button with 3s 4s. The small blind goes all in for 40,000 then the first raiser makes a huge re-raise all iin. I’m obviously folding, I get up from the couch for a second sloppily, it had already beeen 12 hours straight of play. Before I know it, I see all my chips in the pot too. The parlay for all this to happen is a long shot. Firs, the guy who first raise had the second most at the table, then I have to have the cursor over the raise or call button, then my leg has to hit my hand precisely when it’s on me to act. It all happened so fast.
The first raiser had Ad Kd and the flop came 3d 5d 7d. I was left with about 100k. That’s mentally tough to come back from, but what can you do. I’m still in the tournament, but not in great shape anymore. Right before the night ended I took my laptop to the bathroom and back. When i got back it froze. Great. That took me through the blinds sitting out. Now I’m 32nd of 34 remaining players with about 66,000.
I can’t even see what I’m writing right now. This laptop is too small but the wireless connection in my house is terrible so I’m using my Sprint card that’s built into this one. Flew in from Toronto and have been on couch all day. Texting on the blackberry, people texting me, watching the screen, watching TV. I’m going blind. We start back at 1:30pm PST tomorrow and I’ll probably be playing the 2-7 triple draw at 11:30am also. I want to do well in these things, but my eyes, my laptop, and my crappy wireless connection in this house is going to make it tough on me. ]]>