Vegas Weather Sucks!

Wind I can handle. Cold wind I can’t. That’s why I moved away from Canada! I’d been golfing every single day at TPC Summerlin this week and went out there today, but after about 20 minutes realized- this is not fun. Instead, I’m home now and will be playing the Sunday Million on Poker Stars and watching the NHL All-Star game. I heard that the NHL awards ceremony will be in Las Vegas this June which I think is pretty cool. There is also a celebrity hockey game that will take place around the awards. It’s in mid-June, WSOP time, so I’ll have to see what events it runs against, because I’d really like to go. Golf has been getting better for me. I figured it would take two weeks to get back to where I was, but it only took a week. My ball striking is as good as it’s ever been, but due to just getting back into it, my bread and butter, chipping and putting is a little off still. It looks like the weather is going to be bad all week here in Vegas so I may take a trip with E-Dog over to San Diego to play a little. I love golf, just love it. My bankroll building grind is going ridiculously well since graduating to the next level. In my first two sessions, here are my results: Hands Played Result
61 $9.05
83 $9.43 That means I’m less than $7 away from playing in the $0.05-$0.10 game. if you want a shot at me on Poker Stars, you’ll usually find me on there at approximately 11:00pm PST on most nights. Tomorrow is my first session with my personal trainer. I’m looking forward to that and am finally ready to make a commitment to working on my mind, body, and soul. I’m 34 years old now and want to be in great physical shape. Eating well just isn’t good enough. Exercise will make me stronger and better at everything I do.
One thing I’ve already cut down on immensely is alcohol. I love to have drinks with my buddies and hang out, but if you overdo stuff like that you simply can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle because it wears you out for the next day. I still have some wine and beer occasionally, I’m just a lot more mindful of how much I’m drinking and keep it reasonable. Something like 4 or 5 beers or 3 glasses of wine and I put the breaks on. I don’t exactly count my drinks, but I just make sure to spread things out a little bit. Hasn’t been a problem at all of late because I’m at home at night and relaxing with Mushu. So I’ve got things in place to take care of my body, and the next step is to focus on my mind. To play your best poker you really need to have a clear mind. It’s more important than you can even imagine. It’s very difficult to focus on the game if you are distracted by things going on in your personal life. When you have things in your personal life that are weighing heavily on your mind, it’s important to deal with that before you can even consider playing high stakes poker. ]]>