I bought into the High Roller event and really didn’t feel like playing poker after sleeping for 13 hours straight. I played anyway, and decided to be a bit of a nutcase throughout the day and play like a maniac. I was yapping like crazy, and actually felt a little bit crazy all day. Almost like I was on something. Never done any illegal drug in my life, but I imagine I felt like I was on speed or something. Player uber weird all day, but then happened to do pretty well until I got unlucky one hand: Humberto made it 1200 from under the gun, Booosted J called, and I re-raised 4000 more from the big blind with KK. Humberto reraised 20,000, and I moved in. He thought for a while, and finally called with AK. He hit the Ace and I was back down to 50k. I climbed back from that hit, had a local beer, paid no attention, but miraculously played some hands extremely well. I seem to do well at locations where the food situation is just horrid for me. I felt like I was going to pass out most of the day because the menu is so limited for me I rarely eat anything. I drank the beer for the calories to try and keep me alive! So now I’m down to 10 players somehow with blinds at 3000-6000 with a 500 ante. Humberto, again, raises the button to 18,000 this time. I re-raise an additional 32,000. He thinks for a lifetime and then says, “I think I have the best hand.” Finally he moves in and we play a 300,000 pot which would put me among the chip leaders. I show AJ, he shows A9. Bye me. I played 14 hours for nothing and didn’t want to be there after the first hour! Oh well, whaaddya gonna do I guess. I’m a bit sick of playing poker at the moment. My head is a little foggy and my heart just really isn’t into it at the moment. Despite all that, my instincts have been just incredible. I’d describe two weird hands I played today, but I’m afraid you just wouldn’t believe me anyway. I was doing loads of yapping and just being myself for the most part. Well, myself in a super goofy mood. Here’s a bit of proof So tomorrow I’ll be doing some commentary for EPT Live. I’ll also be doing a bit of teaching at the PCA bootcamp. Also, a major change to my plan. Straight from Bahamas, I’ll be going to New York for a few days before heading back to Vegas. I’ll need to find a room with wireless internet in my room because this piece of junk Sony Vaio laptop that I bought with Vista on it doesn’t even have an ethernet port on it. What an absolute piece of junk. I paid two grand for it, but there is something I just need to do. Patty has asked me to give it to her rather than do what I plan to do, but I’m possessed by this moment and can’t get it out of my head. I’m going to take the laptop back to the Best Buy where I bought it. Talk to the guy who sold it to me. Explain that the computer is junk. As soon as he says it’s working fine, I’ll reply with, “No, no Vista sucks and this computer is NOT working fine. Look!” Then I will smash the computer on the ground. stomp on it repeatedly and pull out my mini-sledge hammer to finish the job. Before I do this, though, I want to make sure I can’t get in any trouble with the law. I’d suck at jail, dudes would totally make me their bitch and contrary to popular belief I’m really just not into dudes. Especially jail dudes! Meh, I might end up just giving it to Patty after all and go back to XP or even buy a dreaded Mac… I’ve been a Mac hater forever, but too many people are telling me I need to switch over. We shall see. I feel like I’m slightly crazy at the moment. Not like psychotic or anything like that, I’m just in a really bizarre place. It’s a phase, not a new one exactly, just a weird one that I’ll snap out of soon I’m sure. I get annoyed pretty easily by silly things. For example, if an ante is supposed to be 75 and it’s 50 I just lose it. When the lady tells me a banana is $3 I kind of want to punch her in the face! Who charges $3 for a freaking banana??? That’s just dirty. Makes me seriously want to go to the market, buy a whole crate of bananas and sit outside the shops selling bananas for $1 a piece and screw them out of business! So you see, that’s the kind of crazy I am right now. I asked a four of the staff in the restaurant here if they could make me a Falafel. Not one had even the slightest clue what I was talking about. Then I asked if they knew what Pita bread was. I swear, I asked 6 Bohemian locals this question and the best answer I got, was, get this, “Is that like the bread with peanut butter in it?” HA! I have no idea what my plan is for the rest of the week. On a whim, I seriously might go buy some bananas and bottled water, get a sign, and sit in the poker room selling them at a discount. That actually sounds like fun! (Like I said, I’m a bit crazy at the moment)