Trying to Get back in the Groove

I got home and vegged for a bit before putting in a session against that kid I’ve been playing at PokerStars. It was my best session yet in terms of running good. Had a nice cooler come my way late in the session.
I don’t remember all the hands from the session because I didn’t log any, but I remember the one right near the end of the session:
I raise to 100 from the button with JJ and he re-raises to 400- I call. The flop comes 3-4-6 two spades. He bet like 450 and I called. The turn was the Jack of spades, he bet 1100, I made it 2800- he called. The river was a 4, he checked and I went all in for close to $5000. He called with AA. The plan is to play him 5000 hands, but scheduling will be a little more difficult over the next couple of weeks because of the time difference and the fact that he goes to bed early. I golf everyday, so I can’t play till about 8:00pm my time (11:00pm EST). That should give us about two hours a night to finish the match. Here are the results so far: Session 1: 350 hands +$6175
Session 2: 300 hands -$15484
Session 3: 353 hands -$2839
Session 4: 430 hands +$3174
Session 5: 500 hands +$1865
Session 6 245 hands +$13189
Total 2178 hands +6,080 After finishing the session with him I headed down to the Bellagio to meet some friends and have a drink. I was pretty tired from the travel, but still didn’t get much sleep at all. The next day I was golfing and showed up around 1:00pm. We had a foursome, me and my guy Christian, Zvi and E-DOG. When we got to the course I noticed David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius at the course too- they’d already played 18 and David wanted to play more so he joined our group. David is an interesting case. He’s only been golfing for a year and a half and is so much better than he realizes. He just doesn’t understand the handicapping system. He literally thinks he’s a 12 handicap. On hole number 3, a par 5 he was behind a tree. He cut a 3 wood around the tree to carry over a hazard close to the green. Not a 12 in the world has that shot in their bag! Realistically, he is somewhere between a 5 and a 7 handicap. From the blue tees at TPC Summerlin he should average right around 80. Now when factoring in a handicap you take the top 10 of your last 20 rounds. If David played 20 rounds there I think he’d have 8 to 10 rounds under 80, and the other 10 in the low 80’s. I believe his top 10 scored would average out to maybe 77 there, which would make him like a 5 handicap. That’s what he is… but he thinks he’s a 12, lol. He got the money again, but in fairness it was my first day back and I shot a 46-55-101 so I wasn’t supposed to win. Christian shot 79 and David shot 81.
After golf we had dinner at Kona Grill then I headed home to watch American Idol. I don’t know that Adam Lambert is going to win or not, but he has the best voice of any contestant in history in terms of his range. I’d be willing to bet, that win or not, he sells more records than any of the others. I was in bed by 11:30pm and now I’m up at 7:00am. Have a workout at 10:30am then golf at 1:50pm. After that a crew is coming to the house to shoot some video for an ad for Nintendo Wii. It should be fun and easy- hopefully it comes out good too. After that I will try to get online and see if I can play some of that match, otherwise I’ll just play my micro limit challenge for a while. I’ve been stuck in the 0.05-0.10 cent game for a while now and I’m anxious to get to the next level. I need to win $17 more. If not that, then the $400-$800 mixed game on PokerStars. My schedule should look the same most days until the WSOP. Workout, golf, play online. I’ll be home the whole month with the exception of one trip to Colorado on May 16th for Christian’s wedding. That should be fun.