Time for ME!

Blue Jays Win I started my day watching sports. First the Blue Jays win over the Bosox and closer B.J. Ryan shut the door as usual. This guy is just awesome, he hasn’t allowed a run yet this year. I’m very excited about this Blue Jays team and I hope they can hang with the Yankees and Red Sox this year till the very end. Cleveland Wins A super exciting finish to the Cavs/Wizards game. Lebron James is no Michael Jordan, but he is the closest thing we have in the NBA today. I’m not only talking about talent either. He is just fun to watch. Anaheim Wins The Ducks got the job done and advance to round two. The NHL playoffs have been bizarre. Imagine in any other sport, ALL of the top four seeds in the conference losing in the first round? Wow, that’ll make things a little easier for Ottawa in the final. Suns Win What an exciting finish to the Lakers/Suns game. They showed an amazing stat on the Suns that I just couldn’t believe. This season, they have not won even one game by 3 points or less. In fact, they are 0-8 in those game, and just 1-5 in 4 point games! How bizarre? Cirie is Awesome When I first started watching this season of Survivor I figured that Cirie was done for. It looked like she had no chance, but she hung in there, flew under the radar, but is now really starting to show that she understands the game as good, if not better than anyone else. She is totally manipulating the votes, all the while, she is doing it without people realizing that she is the power player.
It is also so awesome to still see Terry there after winning every immunity challenge. BEFORE week #1 I picked Terry to win it all, and Cirie to make the final four.
One more thing, I felt like Terry’s decision to give Shane a chance to spend time with his little boy was moving and smart. I’m a little shocked, as emotional as a guy that Shane is, that he didn’t offer Terry a heartfelt thank you? Anyone else surprised by that?
The fight with Aras later, I agreed with Terry entirely. The relationship between a husband and wife becomes more important than any other relationship after marriage. Giving Cirie the chance to spend time with her husband versus giving Aras a chance to hang with his mother was the logical choice. Aras just seems venomously jealous of the fact that Terry, a 46 year old man is absolutely pwning him in the challenges. Amazing Race Shady Move Karma almost came back to bite Eric and Jeremy in the butt after they cancelled everyone else