Three Hours Short of “The Cycle”

Chau: Kh Ks 9h 8s
Lyle: Ah 8h 2c 4d I was in great shape here, and when the 8d hit the river I’d won a $300,000 pot and got myself “unstuck.” The game was really rocking, as several top players had “lost their cool” at that point and were playing wildly. I called my wife Lori to let her know not to wait up, as I’d be there for the long haul. At about 7:00am, Chau quit and the remaining survivors were Gus, Sammy, David B., and myself. While David was falling asleep at the table, when he was in a hand he was playing fantastic. David is used to playing 40-50 hours straight so this was nothing for him. He maintained awesome focus throughout. I was happy with my play also, but felt like David was being a little more creative that night and was totally zoned in. He made some highly sophisticated plays that had me thinking, “Wow, this guy can play.” I always knew that, but he really impressed me last night. So anyway, I was up and down like a yo-yo. Up as much as $300,000 in the game, and down as much as the same. By 9:00am I finally decided to leave the boys and quit after a 13 session in that game where I’d won $148,000 in that game without playing any props. So the final tally was 3 hours of tournament poker, 5 hours of $2000-$4000, followed by 18 more hours playing $4000-$8000. I won $28,000 in props, lost $142,000 playing $2000-$4000, and won $148,000 in the $4000-$8000 game. All told, I left $34,000 richer which is what you call breaking even at those limits. I got home at 10:00am and hit the sack hard! I finally woke up at around 5:30pm and will be up all night playing a little online poker at, checking some hockey scores, returning phone calls, surfing the FCP forums, answering e-mails, and trying to get some relaxation in as well. Tomorrow, I will be playing in a special tournament that will air on FSN which pits U.S.A. versus the “World.” Being a proud Canadian, I’ll be on the world side in what promises to be a fun format. More details to follow…]]>