This Blog is A Bit All Over the Place

The last hand he moved in from the button and I called with QQ and his K-6 got there, so that was that. I was proud of my performance in every hand, of every match. -had some champagne with Andrew and Robert Williamson III after the match, going over some of the key hands together. -walked over to the British Luxury Club and closed the place down. Whole bunch of people were there and when that closed down in the morning I went over to Phil Hellmuth’s room, both of us were pretty toasted and chatted for a while about anything from his bizarre bet sizing, to his “entrances.”
I think I offered him a bet for like $3 million that I could pick 100 guys to play him heads up no limit hold’em, 300 big blinds deep, and if he wins 50 of the matches he wins. No repeats either, 100 different guys. -as I left his hotel I ran into some poker friends and had breakfast with them in the lobby. -as we left, I ran into comedian Russell Peters at the table next to us and he invited me to his show that evening. I totally planned on going, but woke up at like 8pm (get to that in a minute.) -decided to take a random walk, about 30 minutes back to my hotel not having a clue exactly where it was, but I asked people as I walked the streets of London in the rain. -got back to my room around noon I guess, and didn’t wake up till 8pm. Stayed up for a bit, then slept even more, waking up at 5am this morning. -been surfing the internet studying various hair growth options lol. Anything from Provillus to Propecia, transplants to hair combs! Whole bunch of random crazy options to try and regrow hair. I started using Rogaine like a month ago, and I swear it feels like my hair is just falling out since I started! I read up on it and they said you “shed” the first two weeks and new healthier hair grows in it’s place. They said it’s a “good thing,” but man it’s scary! Propecia I’d NEVER EVER try, because the side effects can be brutal and irreversible. Yeah it works, but it can cause another very important part of your body to shut down, and I ain’t about to risk that! No chance.
-it’s 7:20am right now and I’m going to go back to bed for a few more hours before I play again at noon.
I’m having a good time in London and that was something I decided I needed to do more anyway. Traveling to all these great places it’s about time I actually enjoy myself instead of spending all my free time in the room. It’s “work time” now, though, and I’m definitely playing the best poker of my life, excited once again to make a deep run in the WSOPE main event. ]]>