The Wynn’s Grand Opening

I showed Sandi around for a little while and then head back to the poker room. Before going to bed I stopped into the club La Bete to see how things were going. Actually tonight Antonio and friends will be at the club and I’ll probably join them for a drink. Speaking of Antonio, I saw him this morning on the set of the new poker movie “Lucky You” starring Robert Duvall, Drew Barrymore, and Eric Bana. The director asked both of us to shoot quick little cameo roles in the film. I was out of there in an hour and finally went home to take a nap. Tonight, I have dinner reservations for four at 9:30pm at my favorite new restaurant Wing Lei. It’ll be my mother, Lori’s mother, and of course Lori and me. After that, I’m going to play a little poker and then as I said earlier head to La Bete for a drink with Antonio and friends. Unless of course someone decides they want to play heads up for half a million? J]]>

Full Contact Poker