The Durrr Spectacle

The reason he got so much action from people is because his strengths lie in fields that are usually much larger. Durrr is not very likely to win a limit bracelet based on what I’ve seen. The kid is an absolute NL genius, like sick good, but I don’t think he plays the limit games very well yet, and those events usually have shorter fields. If Durrr wins a bracelet in any stud game this year I’ll be absolutely shocked! It could happen, but I’m betting the don’t. One thing is for sure, Durrr is great for poker. He creates a ton of excitement, is fun to watch play, and he is a true gentleman. Like one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in the poker world and I don’t say that about very many people. He loves the action, and is always willing to bet on his ability. Sweating him that night was pretty exciting, I was totally into it! A little too close for comfort, but man, what a ride that was. I feel very lucky to have escaped, I thought he was going to win it for sure. Now, if I didn’t have any side action against Durrr I’d totally be rooting for him to win a bracelet. He’s obviously the best player in the world without one, and he will get one, I’m just hoping he does it NEXT year. I find it odd that some people were surprised that I was rooting against him? If you bet the Lakers over the Celtics, wouldn’t you be rooting FOR the Lakers and AGAINST the Celtics? I bet against Durrr, so why would I “pretend” to wish him luck? I wasn’t wishing him luck at all! When I walked into the room and he was leading with 15 players left I told him, “Oh gross, dude you can’t win this. I swear I hope you take like the ugliest beats ever!” My only bet with him is a bracelet bet where I laid him 2-1 odds, me against him to win a bracelet this summer. If we both win one, it’s a wash. If I happen to turn things around and win one, then him winning won’t hurt nearly as bad and I might actually be rooting for him. Until I’ve got one, though, I’ll be pulling for Durrr to finish outside the winners circle. Seconds are just fine by me 🙂 **************************************************************** In the last two years I’ve had great starts at the WSOP and fizzled a bit near the end. I’m hoping this year is different, because it’s been my worst start in as long as I can remember, 0-10 so far. I just haven’t been able to get anything going. I’ve had some close calls, most notably coming 2nd in my NLH shootout heat, but overall I’m disappointed with my results, but not at all with my preparation or focus. In fact, I could swear on a stack of Bibles that my lack of fatigue in the events has never been better. For years I’ve struggled with fatigue, stiffness, aches and pains, or what have you, but this year my body and mind feel as strong as ever. It’s no secret why. I’m doing the P90X everyday and I’m now two weeks in and loving it. It’s definitely helping me stay alert at the poker table and I’m confident the results will come. The slow start doesn’t have me down one bit. Sure I’m frustrated, but the WSOP is a long haul and I’m committed to giving it my all in every event I play. The only event that I couldn’t really do that was the $1500 limit hold’em. I was deep in the stud, and made a last second decision to buy into that event anyway, but I obviously had to focus on the stud event so the limit hold’em was secondary. There are some good events coming up for me. Tomorrow isn’t really one of them, a $5000 no limit hold’em event that should be pretty tough. I kind of like the tougher fields sometimes because it forces me to think on a higher level in order to outwit my opponents. It’s not an event I’m going to play ABC poker. Against tough players, I essentially just need to be more creative/aggressive in bluffing situations and that makes the game kind of fun. My experiment playing in the $100-$200 game on PokerStars definitely has me better equipped to deal with the players of today. I’m much less predictable in NLH than I had been. The game evolves and you need to constantly tweak and improve upon what you are doing or you won’t succeed. The very next day is the $2000 limit hold’em. I came like 21st last year, 1st the year before that, and another 1st a couple years before that. I also came 2nd last year in the 6max limit hold’em to Brock Parker. My limit hold’em record is pretty good historically so I’m never disappointed to see those events on the horizon. The 5pm event that day is the 10k 2-7 NL single draw event, my clear cut worst game. If I’m doing well in the limit event, I’ll skip it altogether since I pretty much suck at it. Hopefully in the next blog I write, I’ll actually have some kind of deep run to discuss.