The Calm Before the Storm

“Only God Knows Why” by Kid Rock
“Mama” by Boys II Men
“Pimpers Paradise” by Bob Marley (most places don’t have that)
“You are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson
“More Than Words” by Extreme I just like all these songs, plus there is usually meaning behind them as well. I find the story of Stan to be kind of chilling, Only God Knows Why reminds me of the days I used to hang out with Layne Flack, Mama is just a beautiful song that you should sing to your mother, etc. ***************************************************************** I’m either going to the Bike after The Big Game shoot, or going to Thailand for an actual vacation. Never been there, and heard good things. My assistant is half Thai and so is one of my best friends Sam. In September things get a bit crazy and I haven’t put my schedule together yet, but when I do I’ll post it in my blog. I’m doing WSOPE for sure as well as EPT London. I may also do a couple EPT’s before that if I have time. After EPT London I’ll be in Toronto for a few days for my hockey draft. I’m ready to get back on the road and do my thing… in the meantime, I’m going to do a bit of golfing, hang with some friends, and get prepped for The Big Game.