The Blank Blog

The last couple nights when I got home I planned on writing an entry. Then I realized that with what’s been going on in my life the blog would look something like this: I went to ____________ with _________ and __________ because we had to talk about _____________ and _____________. Then later that night we decided to _______________ and then head over to ________________ to ______________. Throughout the last few days I’ve had lots to think about: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. A tough spot to be in as you can see. So I decided to __________________________ since I hadn’t ___________________________ about ______________________________. From there I figured that I’d _________________________________ over the ________________________________________ since ___________________________________. You get the idea. Then last night I decided to _________________________ since things were getting kind of ________________________________________. This is probably the most important time of my life and _______________________________ over the next week will have a major impact on my future. You see, _______________________________, so while I know what _________________________________ it’s easier said than done you know what I mean? Of course you do. In closing, I just want everybody to know that while I’m more than willing to share much of my life with you there are some things that happen in my life that wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss here. I have common “issues” just like the next guy, and much of that simply needs to stay private. Hopefully when these “issues” work themselves out over the next week I’ll able to resume “normal” blogging. That is, if you can call my blog normal! I just went over some past blogs and realized, wow… in the same week I went hitchhiking in San Diego and bought stolen leather jackets off some random Italian mobster? I’m not sure that the term normal applies, if there is such a thing as normal. *************************************************************** Tomorrow I have a full day of shooting to do with the CityTv crew out here from Toronto. I’ll have to wake up “early” sometime around noon they said. So on that note, I better get some ZZZZ’s and I’ll try to get back to y’all tomorrow night if I can.