Tampa Bay, Golf, and the Biggest Goof in WSOP History

Daniel’s Blog forum after writing my last blog. I hit my tee shot about 230 yards towards the right side of the fairway. On my next shot, I went up the right side with my rescue club and had an approach shot of about 128 yards. It’s over junk and a bunker, so I figured it would be better to be long than short, and hit a full 7-iron to the back of the green. Two putt from there, and voila, a par! The front went pretty good considering my putter wasn’t on at all. I shot a 48 on the front. On the back 9, my grip and mechanics fell apart on a few holes. Actually, every hole! I didn’t even make one bogey or better on the back. 48-58=106. After golf, we headed to Bella Luna for some Italian. After dinner, we headed over to Ted’s for more gambling fun. First, Sam and I played three games of Mille. If you don’t play this game your life will never be complete. It is without a doubt, the most fun gambling game I’ve ever played that combines skill and luck. It