Taking Time Off..

Man, so where were we? It’s been so long since my last entry that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with the WSOP: It was a tough week on that front. In the $5000 Pot Limit Hold’em event I got up to 20,000 and was feeling really good. Then I picked up AA in the blind and lost a monster pot to Gavin Griffin who had AK. That left me short and I was knocked out after the dinner break. In the $2500 no limit hold’em event I started poorly and was down to 500 early. Yet I was still able to grind it out and get my chips up over 5000. Then I picked up QQ vs. JJ and 77. The player with the 77 had just 1100 left but the JJ had me barely covered. The flop came 10-7-5 costing me the main pot, and a J on the turn put me in third place in a three horse race. So on that note, I skipped both yesterday’s $2500 pot limit hold’em event as well as today’s $5000 pot limit Omaha event with rebuys. I’m just not enjoying being down there everyday. The facility is awesome, but something about the atmosphere at the WSOP is gone for me. Gone forever most likely. In a card player.com interview Alan Boston talked about how the WSOP used to be a convention of gamblers. I too miss that vibe a little bit. It seems like every other day there is a $1500 buy in event. As far as buy ins go, this might be the smallest average buy in in WSOP history. How many $1500 buy ins were there last year? You would think that buy ins would get bigger over time, but with Harrah’s taking over they’ve decided to add more small buy in events. It’s no surprise really why they do that, but it clearly waters down the prestige of the events. Most of the events are smaller than the regular events at the Bellagio. I’ve decided to change my approach to this year