Sydney Trip Extended?

So in the forums at Full Contact Poker I got word that there were several locals that were planning a get together not far from my hotel. So, I met with some of the FCP Uni bums, some fare dinkems for beer o’clock at Lowenbrau which is just past the Maccas, which is dead set as rubbish as the ones in the U.S. Not long after my new mates were skulling beers left and right. (End Aussie Talk)
There was me and 10 other people, mostly from the FCP forum along with a couple of their friends. The 28 year old brought her 17 year old brother who is desperate to one day shave. The guy who’s idea this was brought and absolute nutcase Irishman with him along with his not so wild and crazy friend. The “chosen one” is a cool nickname, but this guy was more like the “responsible one.” He doesn’t like beer? What a c… er, never mind, I just realized that I can’t repeat that Aussie term I learned from the Irish one. Definitely not appropriate for the blog, or well, anyway for that matter but the Irish one doesn’t much care I don’t think. So the group of us sat outside and drank various German beers. We got there at about 4:00pm and didn’t leave until… well, until they kicked us out! Good thing to because I was scheduled to be picked up at 8:30am. We ended up heading inside for the entertainment which I found hilarious, three older German guys in literhosen (sp?) singing American love songs with a trombone, accordion, and a trumpet. Classic. There is a thread where some of the others shared their experiences as well as another post with about 50 pics in there from the evening. Here is a link to the thread
and here is a link to the < href= >pictures If for whatever reason the links don’t work for you check out the Daniel’s blog forum at So that was last night. A good time had by all I think. I know I had fun. It was the first time I spent any time with anyone since I’ve been here. Today, though, I had to work. I was up at 8:23am and was downstairs by 8:30am to meet my ride. The day didn’t quite go as planned, which means that it looks like I may have to stay through the weekend and end up leaving on Wednesday. I won’t know until late tomorrow evening. If I can’t leave here by Saturday that means I’m going to have to miss the Shooting Stars event at the Bay 101 is a shame, but I may not be able to avoid it. It’s not in my hands at all. Tonight I plan on relaxing and recovering from a bit of a hang over. I have been on a bit of a health kick this week and last night is something I’ll have to work off at some point. I will probably play a bit online too tonight at PokerStars. I have played a few sessions this week and am running pretty well at both $200-$400 limit hold’em and the $100-$200 no limit hold’em game. Not winning a crazy amount, but consistently winning every session I’ve played this week. Anyway, I need to relax, cheers to me new mates, be good, and take care of that crazy Irishman!