Super Bowl Sunday

I went a little nutty the other day at the Bellagio. I had a meeting there, and after the meeting I decided to play a little poker, if you can call it poker: 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, and Razz with 2-7 rules. Pretty stupid game, but that’s what those dudes in the $400-$800 game play. No hold’em, most of them really suck at that game, no Stud, no 8 or better games, just three goofy games. There wasn’t much of an earn in that game. In fact, I would have happily crossbooked anyone in that game while I played in the $25-$50 no limit hold’em game. After quitting due to absolute boredom, I headed to the sports book to prepare for the Super Bowl. I was able to bet the Colts -6.5 -1.10 which was a good line so late in the game, and after that decided to add some fun prop bets in case the game is a blowout. I feel like a blowout in the Super Bowl is due, and I don’t think the Bears have much of a chance. In fact, if they played in, say, the AFC West, I’m not so sure they would have even qualified for the post season. Here’s what I have: Colts -6.5 -1.10 $20,000
Marvin Harrison Over 76.5 yards -1.10 $1,000
What Will Manning throw First, TD or INT? I have TD -1.85 $1000
Manning Over 1.5 TD passes -1.55 $1,000
Manning will not throw an INT +1.35 $1,000
Grossman 1st Pass Incomplete +1.20 $1,000
Manning 1st Pass Incomplete +1.70 $1,000
Who Will Throw 1st INT? Grossman -1.30 $1,000
Colts -2.5 First Downs even $1,000
Bears will never lead +1.80 $1,000
Longest FG Over 44 -1.25 $1,000
A Score in Firs 6:30: YES -1.30 $1,000
Total Points will land between 50-56 +3.50 $1,000
Colts to win by exactly 17 +20.00 $1,000
Marvin Harrison to score 1st TD +7.00 $1,000
Looks like an easy scoop, lol.]]>