Stuck in an Elevator

I busted out of the tournament after trying to grind the short stack for a level. With blinds at 2000-4000 and a 400 ante I moved in with A-9 and the player right next to me called my 35,000 bet with 3-3. There were 5 people left to act behind him, and I was really surprised he called. It is clearly the wrong play. There isn’t much of a debate on that, and this guy was a decent player so I was surprised to see such a mistake from him. Since I was out I was able to take part in the AMFAR charity event. AMFAR is a solid organization that raises money for HIV and AIDS research. Lots of very cool people showed up to play. I ended up sitting next to Mats Sundin, and as usual, we talked hockey for hours. He says I should totally be a GM! We agree completely on the best way to build a team in today’s NHL. If I ever get crazy money someday, I’m going to hire him to work with my team. He’s a smart hockey guy. I busted from that tournament, Jayde Nichol crippled me, then we decided to the comedy show, and later have some drinks and go to the club. I drank lots on a totally empty stomach. We left the club and there was also a group of like 15 Euro dudes leaving at the same time. My friend Ted the Idiot looks a LOT like Lloyd from Entourage. I don’t know how, but somehow Ted was laying on the floor and the Euro dudes were trying to boink him from behind. It was just way too funny. Then we all got in the elevator. All of a sudden they all start jumping up and down, screaming at the top of their lungs, chanting some Euro song. It was nuts. Right when we hit about the 6th floor, the elevator stopped working and before we knew it we were somewhere between the 3rd and 4th floors. They just jumped and screamed even more. The elevator was stuck, and we couldn’t get out. I have no idea how long we were in there. Eventually we say some light. We got the door to open, but it was in between floors. We needed to be pulled out of a crack near the top of the elevator. The dudes helped me up, and the workers helped pull me up. We jumped in another elevator, and all those dudes were on the same floor. I opened the door to my suite and all of a sudden these dudes, screaming at the top of their lungs thought it was an invitation and barged in! We got them out eventually. Christian, who is staying with me heard the noise and was seriously afraid. He thought the Bohemian army was coming to kidnap me! I was pretty drunk and ended up doing some drunk dialing. Then, before bed I posted a totally incoherent tweet that started “Drunjky. Very.” That says it all I guess. I’m hungover today, but not too bad, Going to rest up for the party tonight. Kelly Rowland is performing and I’m supposed to say a few words. We are also doing an awards ceremony for WCOOP winners at 7pm. There will be no drinking for me tonight! I have the High Roller event coming up on the 11th. Oh, and in other news, I just booked a flight to Biloxi for the WPT event there on the 24th-27th. I’ve never been to Biloxi, but I have the poker bug and really want to play a lot. I’m really enjoying the game right now. It’s so fun.