So Far So Good

I have no real complaints with my play today at all. In fact, I think there is only 2500 in chips that I left out there on the table one hand when I bluffed at the turn when I felt like it wouldn’t work. Other than that, I can’t think of a mistake I made today. I didn’t have a ton of good situations come up today, but I held my fair share of hands that saw my stack increase a little over 50%. My goal for the day was to get to about 40,000, but at the same time would have been ok with getting through the day with my 20,000. I ended the day with 32,375 and my peak on the day was 35,000. It was steady sailing really, with the exception of losing 8000 with JJ to a wild player that had my stack dip to 14,400, there wasn’t much movement with my chips. Hey, if the situations don’t come you just have to get through them without panicking. I never panicked for a second today. I never had my chips all in, in fact I never dipped into my last 12,000 at any point. If you’d like a more in depth look at some of the hands from today, go to the General Forum at for the updates. In fact, check out that forum tomorrow also as I’ll be providing updates at least every hour and a half at the end of the levels. It’s strange, very little went wrong today. My mind felt fresh and I wasn’t fatigued at all. Other than a slightly upset stomach, I felt fantastic. I went back to something I’d gotten away from and started listening to “massage music” again. My I-POD must suck or something, though, as it only lasts for about 4 hours. After that, I keep the headphones on to block out the noise. I kept my mind on poker about 80% of the time which isn’t too bad. Watched hands, picked up tells, and overall had a fun day and felt really hungry. All in all, a very positive start, but there is work to be done. Tomorrow we will be playing seven levels so it will end up being about a 14 hour day. My goal is to continue to chop away and have faith in my reads. If I can do that, and avoid any unlucky breaks, I’ll get there… ]]>