Slow Poker Month

In the meantime, I’m keeping busy as usual. I’m writing this blog from the airport in Denver on my way back home to Las Vegas after a corporate appearance in Vail, CO. Vail is absolutely gorgeous and I keep meaning to come out here just for a vacation but every time I come it’s in and out. The night of the 6th I had my buddies over to the house until 5:00am after playing 36 holes over at Bali Hai (more on that later). I had a 6:00am flight to Denver, so I rushed out the door and headed to the airport, just making my flight. When I get back to Vegas the plan is to practice at Bali Hai everyday. It’s a very different course from my home course, TPC Summerlin. The greens are slower and it’s a lot more hilly. I’m practicing for an event that will be filmed for ESPN I believe. Sort of a bad golfers/sick gamblers convention of poker players playing in a couple interesting formats, from scrambles to a best ball team game. As far I’ve heard there is a 3 man scramble and a 2 man best ball competition. Neither of which will have any handicaps as far as strokes are concerned, but instead, significant tee spots. For example, since I suck really bad I get to play from the front of the fairway on every hole but the par 3’s where I’d play from the reds. On top of that, I’ll be able to tee up my ball from anywhere except the bunkers. Also, a new twist for me and something I’m really not a fan of at all, but we’ll be playing gamblers rules, which in some ways just seems more like their ain’t no rules! You have to play it where it lies, cart path or not, but you also are allowed to grease your clubs. For those unaware, greasing your clubs is a form of cheating, but in gambler’s rules it’s considered legal. You basically take a gob of Vaseline and put it on the face of your driver before hitting. If you have a slice or a hook, voila, you will now hit the ball exactly where you aimed it, with no spin at all. The grease takes the spin off the ball which also allows the ball to keep rolling, and rolling down the fairway. I tried it, and it does work although I wish we weren’t playing that way at all. For the rest of the week me and my new SkyCaddie (a birthday present from my wife) will be at Bali Hai practicing and trying to get to know the course a little bit better. I tried practicing there the other day, but boy, it didn’t look too good. I’d have to shoot a waaaay better score to have any chance against these guys. *************************** In other unrelated bad news, my Treo just went screwy on me! All of a sudden all of my contacts, my memo’s, my schedule, everything was erased and this new look screen replaced my old one. I have no clue what happened, but MAN am I annoyed! I called Sprint and was on hold for over 25 minutes and finally someone sent me a text, and boom, my phone went dead. Arrgh… anyway, plane is boarding, more later…]]>