Sick, Tired, and Bored

I should be writing right now, but being sick and tired makes it hard to do that. I am tired all the time and am either getting up or feel like I should be napping. I did a show in Munich and despite sneezing throughout the show, I think it went very well. Since then, I’ve been stuck in my hotel room sleeping all day and being up most of the night. Not good for the tournament, especially since we are doing 8 levels tomorrow starting at 3pm. I’ll do my absolute best, but fatigue could play a role. Since I have been here I have done nothing but have breakfast with Sorel Mizzi, Big Egypt and Chris Harden?… dude sorry man I also screw up your name. Anyway, we talked about all kinds of stuff, JJProdigy, online players versus live players, etc. It was the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here! Sorel and I were blabbing and came up with a hypothetical tournament involving five online players he chooses versus five live tournament players that I choose. First four that came to mind were myself, Ivey, Cunningham, and J.C. Tran. Format would be something like a 10 man sit n’ go with 90 minute levels, 20,000 in chips, and blinds that go: 50-100
100-200 (25 ante)
150-300 (50 ante)
200-400 (50 ante)
250-500 (50 ante)
300-600 (75 ante)
400-800 (100 ante)
500-1000 (100 ante)
600-1200 (200 ante)
800-1600 (200 ante)
1000-2000 (300 ante)
1200-2400 (400 ante)
1500-3000 (500 ante)
2000-4000 (500 ante) In that format, we argued who would have the edge and I feel strongly that my five, not five live pros he picks, would do quite well in a live setting with very slow moving blinds. It was a fun discussion, but it probably would never happen anyway. Then I asked them what they knew of the kid JJProdigy. They actually felt really sorry for him, felt that he said stupid things in the interview, and that he was extremely nervous. I think it’s human nature to forgive and to feel good about it when you do. You simply can’t forgive a cheater who doesn’t seem willing to take a stand against what he’s done. He’s 18 years old I guess, and I firmly believe that when he matures he may grow out of his childish ways and behavior. In the meantime he deserves all the scorn he gets from the poker community that he has duped again and again. I would ask him: are you lying when you say that you aren’t playing on FTP or Stars at the moment? I don’t believe him. I don’t believe him at all. I’d love to watch the lie detector needle skyrocket when he claims that he isn’t playing on some kind of account right now. My hope is that he is just playing ONE account for once in his life! **************************************************************** It’s 4:30am here in Dartmund right now and I have a tournament to play at 3:00pm. Problem is, I woke up closer to midnight. Ideally I’d like to find a way to get back to sleep by, say, 7:00am and sleep until about 2:00pm. If I can do that, I should be able to fight through it. I took some funky European medicine for my cold, and man did that stuff work. Cold is pretty much gone and headache seems gone too. There is precisely one English channel on the TV here, but the good news is that it’s a channel I enjoy watching: CNN. The race is getting is a little depressing as Hillary continues to lead. I don’t have a problem with a women president, I just have a problem with this particular woman. If Obama doesn’t win the nomination I’ll be devastated, but that’s life I guess. If it does come down to Hillary vs. McCain I might end up backing McCain despite the fact that he’s not exactly “poker friendly.” Too bad they couldn’t settle all this at the poker table. Obama does play poker and I think he would pwn. Anyway, I’m going to get back to doing… well, nothing, lol. ]]>