Short Update after Day 2

2. Jason Gray 23,600
3. Vicky Coren 29,800
4. Isaac Haxton 22,500
5. Daniel Negreanu 203,700
6. Phil Laak 92,900
7. Brian Johnson 95,900
8. Peter Turmezey 132,500
9. Toni Hiltunen 78,600
I finally had two losing rounds, winning three of the five today. I have run extremely well during this tournament, hitting a ton of hands. I went a bit cold late, but that’s to be expected in a tournament, I didn’t expect to be on fire the whole way through. I did try my first bluff of the tournament with 30 minutes to go in the day. I called a raise with Kc Jc heads up in position and fired three shells at a flop of 7d-8h-9d… 5d… 7h. Guy check-raised the river, lol, oops! I also called a 25k bet against the same guy with a weak hand and he had the second nuts. Bad read on the guy, but I figured him out by the end of the night in case I face him again. Tomorrow we start with 800-1600 blinds and a 200 ante. An interesting dynamic of players at my table and I’m going to have to make some adjustments for sure. What adjustments I’ll make, is my business! LOL, I can’t say here, don’t want to give away all my secrets for free 🙂 Good night.]]>