Shopping Spree!

Refined Fit White Dress Shirt: $145.00
Topstitch Detail Black: $99.99
L-S Crewneck Black: $99.99
Zipper Waistband Pant Cream: $89.99
Soho Pant Blue: $119.99
Soho Pant Black: $129.99 Total damage with tax: $892.20 From there I moved on and hit the Armani Exchange: Zip Crew Orange T-Shirt: $29.00
Zip Crew Baby Blue T-Shirt: $29.00
Zip Crew Green T-Shirt: $29.00 Total damage with tax: $93.53 Continuing on to my next stop Polo Ralph Lauren: Half Zip Orange Top: $134.99
Sports Shirt Pink: $114.99
Sports Shirt Purple: $114.99
Sports Shirt Blue: $114.99
Sports Shirt Striped Pink: $114.99 Total damage with tax: $639.57 Right across from the Polo store was the Emporio Armani where I often shop: Black Dress Pants: $248.00
Loose Fit Black Dress Pants: $248.00 Total damage with tax and rush tailoring: $576.20 By now I was carrying around a heavy load along with my knapsack full of my mother’s lunch, but decided to take a quick look into the Guess store: Hipster Boot cut Jeans: $109.00
Guess Belt: $34.00
Zip up Mock Baby Blue: $79.00 Total damage with tax: $238.66 My feet were really starting to hurt by this point which reminded me… I didn’t buy any shoes! So, on the way back to the car I stopped in at Louis Vitton to get some casual shoes to go with a lot of the stuff I bought: Venice Sneakers Brown: $515.00 Total Damage with tax: $553.63 Throw in a $5 tip for the valet dude and the whole spree cost me $2998.79. I think my choices would have made Stacey and Clinton proud (you won’t get that if you don’t watch What Not to Wear on TLC). So why in the world did I share all that? I have no clue, lol. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I haven’t gone shopping at all this year really, and looking into my closet each morning nothing jumped out at me saying, “Wear me.” I look into my closet now and see more bright colors and variety. I’ve also been listening to this CD about organization and clutter and one of the five key rules is, “One in, one out.” Meaning, with the new clothes coming in it was time to throw out some older stuff. I just did that last week, but was still able to find more than enough items that I just never wear anymore. Oh, if you were looking for a “Poker Blog” I guess the above isn’t exactly what you were looking for! Actually I’m really not in the mood to think or talk about poker at the moment. It’s been a rough month as most of you know if you’ve been reading my blog, but I don’t want to dwell on the rut. Instead, bright colors in the closet, a nice clean shave, a new haircut, and hopefully a new attitude will help me stay positive. Hey, it works on that show What Not to Wear so I thought I’d give it a try! Tomorrow is the $3000 Limit Hold’em event and if I’m going to get a result before the big one this event is as good as any. I’m not going to put any extra pressure on myself, though, I’m just going to play the cards I get the best I can. Winning or losing isn’t the epitome of what makes someone happy. Sure things seem easier when the cards are smiling on you, but there is more to life than poker and bracelets. ]]>