Scheduling Madness

Vacation time is almost over and then it’s back to being a roadie, traveling Europe, living out of a suitcase, and staying in strange beds. Sometimes I think about just hiding out on some remote island… with a golf course, of course 🙂 I’ll be getting in as much golf as possible this week because after that, well, I may not get a chance to hit a golf ball for 6 weeks or so. I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, but the schedule is so jammed that I don’t have a lot of options. Here is a rough outline: Next week I’ll be in LA for the Bike, but will also be recording some radio with Justin Bonomo and Scott Huff for a new strategy related radio show on Poker Road. When that’s done I’ll actually play some poker, at the Bike for the WPT event there. Immediately after that, it looks like I’ll be flying to Sweden for two days to shoot a commercial. As soon as I get back my week is packed with loads of PokerVT work. We will be adding a ton more content and that will eat up my whole week for the most part. Plus I have some other video related things I promised I’d do. September 7th I’m off to Barcelona for an awards show and of course the EPT Barcelona, so far my favorite vacation spot in Europe. When that’s over, I head over to London. There is a few days there where I could do whatever I want it seems, and golf is always on the mind. However, I won’t golf without my caddie/coach Christian because that just isn’t a good idea for me. I revert back to bad habits that he needs to fix later. Unless I fly him out too, that’s an option. If I do that, I may just find a place to golf somewhere for three days or so in Europe. Not sure where. All during this I’ll also be playing in WCOOP events at PokerStars. A few cool events I’m looking forward to are the 25k heads up NL, the 10k HORSE, the smaller mixed game event, and the 5k main event. Being in Europe, the tournaments will cause me to have an odd sleep schedule, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. September 19th I’m at the WSOP Europe in London. Four events this year and I’ll likely play them all. As soon as that’s over, I’ll be playing the EPT London not too far away. There is also a $20k buy in high rollers event there on Oct 5-6 that I’m not committed to yet, but will likely play. The schedule gets a bit fuzzy after that. Dewey and Doyle are hosting another High Stakes Golf tournament on the 8th I believe so I’d have to fly straight to Florida and play that… having not hit a golf ball in forever. I love golf tournaments more than I do poker tournaments, but it’s going to be tough to do well there. Not too far after that the WPT Niagara Falls happens and I’d likely go from Florida straight to Toronto for that. Then on October 20th you have the WPT Bellagio event. That’s about six weeks or so on the road without being at home. I’ll be away from Mushu, I HATE being away from home that long, and just know that if I go through all of this madness I’m going to be miserable. All of this, and of course my commitments to The Real Deal show at the Venetian which should also start sometime in October. WPT Foxwoods is in early November and then we have the Bellagio in mid-December. There is also a chance that I’d have something to do in Vancouver at the end of November. I can’t do all this! I want out, I’ll go batty!!! I’ve got a day or two to make some very important decisions and I’m not happy about it. My life is ALMOST perfect… it’s just this late year stretch that I dread every year. May is a great month as is August… September, October I could do without. I just don’t see myself doing all of this traveling for too much longer. I love my life in Vegas and fill my days with my kind of fun… Golf, dinner with the boys, sake and beer, pool, Golden Tee, and whatever else that idiot Ted wants to play. Hi Idiot! I know you are reading this. You are the worst teammate ever by the way. We scramble for big money and you go AWOL you choker. Then when we play for peanuts you turn into Anthony Kim and start sticking your irons and bombing putts. If you had more money I’d tell everyone, “I’m busy” and would just pay my bills by gambling against you and follow you across the globe. See you at 1:00pm, bring lots of money.