Real Poker

Yesterday I played a little more online poker and continued to run poorly. I started out ahead about $20,000, but that quickly turned. Some highlight stats: I had AA seven times, losing five, my opponent folded on the button once, and I won the other one. My opponent showed AA four times. On each occasion I had: JJ QQ JJ KK! I lost all four. I lost with top set three times: AA vs 9-10… board: A K J/ 4/ Q
99 vs Kd-3s… board 9s 3c 4s/ 10s/ Qs
JJ vs K-8… board J 7 5/ 6/ 8 The hand that finally made me give it up after being $70,000 loser was:
A9 vs Qc Jc… flop Ac 6s 2d/ 10c/ 8c
In every one of these pots we jammed it up on every street. *************************************************************** So this “morning” when I got up at about 1:30pm I decided to head down to the Bellagio to play some live action poker. When I got there the game was three handed, $4000-$8000 mixed. The games were: Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em (1k-2k blinds, 1k ante with a 100k cap)
Omaha H/L
Pot Limit Omaha (1k-2k blinds, with a 100k cap
7 Card Stud
7 Card Stud 8 or better
7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Regular
2-7 Triple Draw
2-7 No Limit Single Draw (1k-2k blinds with a 100k cap) I probably enjoy this mix of games more than any other. It gives you a wide variety to say the least and also tests overall poker skill. To be on “TV” you wouldn’t need any of these skills, but if you want to be a REAL poker player this is the ONLY place to do it. You can