Random Chores

“Yikes, ok we need to tone it down a little. Poker players aren’t up at this hour. The only time were ever up at this hour is when we’re STILL up from the night before!” Once I got the cobwebs out I was able to do the interview. I never actually got out of bed to do the interview so when it was over I just rolled over and zonked right out. I finally woke up at around 2:00pm to do yet another interview. I was done with that one by 2:15pm and did one last one at 2:30pm. I then checked my Treo 600 and saw that I had a doctor’s appointment across town in Henderson at 3:00pm. Late in December when I was getting a massage during the Bellagio Five Star Classic the masseuse noticed a strange mole on my arm. She warned me that it might be cancerous and that I should get it checked out. I had an appointment to get it checked out last month but blew it off. Then I got this phone call, “I’m pissed at you!.” It was Jennifer Harman on the phone.
“Don’t be such an idiot! This is no joke. You need to get that mole checked out, nothing is more important than that. I’m going to nag you everyday until you get that checked!.” Ok, ok, so Jen was right. The doctor took a look at it and said that he “doubts” it’s cancerous but won’t be sure until he gets the lab results back in two weeks. In the meantime, he needed to “shave” it off. Shave it off? Yikes, that didn’t sound like fun! It didn’t hurt a bit though, as he sliced the mole right off my arm and put it into a plastic container. “That’ll be $314 please.” Man, that’s one expensive mole! On the way home I decided to do some window shopping and maybe pick up a few things if they caught my eye. I found an arcade warehouse on Russell Rd. and decided to stop in. My Golden Tee should be here on Tuesday and I planned on adding an NBA game as well. The salesman finally sold me on the NBA Showtime/NFL Blitz combo that will also arrive next week. I wasn’t done there. My Lexus has a GPS built in but the truck I won at the WSOP this year doesn’t. It seems that every time I drive the Lexus to Los Angeles I get a flat tire, but I don’t know the city that well so I really need the GPS. So I heard about a product called the Magellin. $1400 and it works all over the US apparently. When I get on a roll shopping I can really move. I hit Bed Bath and Beyond, Petsmart, Sprint, and Best Buy picking up something in each place. I spent the rest of the night answering e-mails and writing my long overdue Card Player article about the Bellagio event. I genuinely feel bad for my editor Steve Radulovich. I haven’t got an article in on time since… yikes, I don’t even remember when! He has been great about it though, because if this were a “real job” I would have been fired months ago! *************************************************************** Today I planned on getting some more errands done: buy a filing cabinet, a new telephone, head to the SSN office, pick up my mail at UPS, etc. Instead, I used the day to answer e-mails. In brighter news, I think I may have found a PA. I’m meeting with a friend for dinner tonight who might work out to be perfect. Over the last few days I’ve received over 100 inquiries about the position and I guess I should have been more clear in stating that I need someone who already lives here in Las Vegas. Why? I have my reasons and they make sense to me. I want someone who knows the city well and won’t be looking at this job as a reason to move. That’s too much of a burden on me and I think it will just be easier hiring someone who is already here. This couldn’t come at a better time since my days will be full for the rest of the year. I just received my book offer and need to start writing immediately. I’m looking at three hours a day for at least three months. If I’m going to do this book right I need to write it myself. I could hire a ghostwriter but then it really wouldn’t be me writing the book and that’s important to me. Time for me to hit the showers and get ready for dinner. After dinner E-DOG, myself, and the rest of the boys may head out to shoot some pool. I’ve gotta at least try to have some semblance of a social life!]]>