Railing the WSOP Final Table

Based on play and word of mouth I figured the final five would go like this: 5th Scott Montgomery. Hellmuth and I both agreed that he was the most likely candidate to overplay a hand and put himself in a bad spot. He did and he came 5th.
In 4th I felt as though Dennis Phillips may go, with Schwartz coming in 3rd but they flip flopped positions. I actually won some money on the final table. With four left I bet on Demidov and Eastgate to win and laid 3-1 odds. That bet is now a lock.
I originally picked Demidov to win and Eastgate to come in second right from the beginning. At this point, based on the chip count Eastgate should be considered the favorite to win, but it’s a super close call. The atmosphere was indescribable. It was just like being at a major sporting event with thousands in attendance, many of whom were there in St.Louis Cardinals caps and white shirts just like their guy, Dennis Phillips. It was a truly historic moment and for those questioning whether the delay was a good idea, the answer is a resounding yes. Ratings were up, and people were literally sleeping outside the Rio in line waiting for seats. No one, and I mean no one could have predicted this.