Positive Vibes in Tunica

A positive attitude can change your life. Seriously. Spending time thinking about being kind to strangers and avoiding the bad habits of being complainers or whining about the silliest things goes along way towards reaching a happy place. I have always had a bad habit of wasting energy complaining about a wide variety of unimportant things. I don’t want to do that anymore, it’s not all that productive. I’ve had some experiences recently that have changed my outlook on life in a positive way. I’m happy all the time and consciously focus on making sure that when I meet people they see that, and hopefully, it rubs off on them. In the past I know that I have been stand offish with strangers at times. Sometimes they were really annoying and deserved it, but other times it was just me being a little too pompous and maybe a little arrogant too. I got to the point where I was reluctant to make new friends. Instead, just spending time with my close friends from back in Toronto. In fact, Ted Park is the last close friend that I’ve made and that was quite a while ago. Aside from Ted, Rob and Amber are probably the only “new” people in my life that I really enjoy hanging out with. Me, Jennifer, Rob and Amber went to the Palazzo grand opening together and it was an absolute blast. We drank champagne and talked all night. Frankly, it didn’t even matter where we were, we were just enjoying each others company. I started to feel more open to the idea of being positive and less stand offish in the Bahamas. At the PokerStars opening party I made a point of going around the whole room and talking to everyone instead of just sitting in th corner. I met lots of guys I played with and I can honestly say that it made me feel really good to know that they didn’t hate me for whatever reason. You never know with people, sometimes they just hate on you for nothing. I even made a new friend in the Bahamas. I never expected to really, as I was just going out there to work, but because I was more open to the idea I met a really positive person who has been a very positive influence on me. ***************************************************************** So that takes me here to Tunica. A place where I’ve often acted like a spoiled child and complained about any and everything. Many of my complaints were warranted, but that didn’t excuse my behavior and I’m honestly embarrassed about the way I acted, and also the things I’ve written in the past after trips here. I mean, rather than focus on the fact that for three years in a row I’ve scored a 3rd, 1st, and a 2nd place finish, instead I focused on the food situation, etc.
This year, I came prepared. One suitcase for clothes and another suitcase full of food and cooking equipment. Now I’m all set for the week. I must add something else, this place looks MUCH better than it has in the past. They renovated the poker room and it really does look great. Also, I’m staying in one of the newer rooms that are a lot more modern. Sadly, they still don’t have high speed internet in the rooms but they are working on that for next year. I’m as prepared as I can be for this week. I even followed ALL of my tournament rules: no drinking, no socializing, and I unpacked all my bags immediately and put everything away neatly. I expect to play the best I can tomorrow and if all goes well I hope to have another deep run here in Tunica. I’ll be texting updates on my cell phone and you can find them in the General Forum at www.fullcontactpoker.com. There should be a stickied thread there with updates.