Politics Yay!

So let me start by saying, if you will, that there is, or better said, there could be, in the bigger scheme of things, a different perspective on such. So follow me for a moment, I mean, think about it right? Like what are we thinking? It’s like, Oh my lord, can you even imagine?

Which brings me back to my original point, it’s just, you know what I mean, like, just uncanny. Do you even, or have you ever, like, from a worldly perspective, had a more profound, or better said, earth shattering moment?

So it’s like this, follow me for a second. Just like when that massive event occurred and changed the dynamic, it’s like that. Crazy right? I mean, when you wrap your head around it, it’s just fascinating.

Wherever you stand on the issue, or lack there of, how do you justify, the spectrum, or vastness of the complexity involved?

Clearly, for those that read this far, it should sink in, or dissolve into our minds the importance of clarity.

And THAT is why I am supporting Deez Nuts for president and will suggest he chooses Alexis Texas as a running mate!