PokerVT Running 1-2 in the $1500 NL Event

I got home from the Sports Cafe to see the results from day 1B and noticed that someone had more chips than me. I was happy to see that it was 20 year old Adam Junglen, an excellent instructor at PokerVT. I look forward to getting heads up with him in two days, that would be fun. I spent the day relaxing sans any alcohol whatsoever. I woke up and watched the Ryder Cup morning session and then Juanda called me to have lunch so we went to a Chinese restaurant close by and talked politics mostly. I found that we have very similar views on almost every issue so that made the conversation uplifting rather than most political discussions where things tend to get heated. After lunch I went back to the room and watched more golf before getting a call from the guys to watch it with them at a private room at the Sports Cafe. I jumped in the shower and watched it there with Hellmuth, Flack, Cantu, and Juanda also joined us.
Phil was really into the golf as was I, but Juands didn’t really get into it until we started gambling on it! Essentially we made on putts- make or miss. I would make a line on a putt and they could bet either side. I laid 18-1 on a putt that barely missed, that was a bit scary, but in the end Phil couldn’t come close to picking the right side while Juanda, a non-golfer ended up winning $3500. The exact same amount that Phil lost, so I broke even, but had a great time doing it.
The golf has been very exciting. I especially love to watch Miguel Angel Jiminez play, there is something about that guy that I really love. Not just his playing style, but he just seems like the kind of guy I would enjoy having a beer with.
Speaking of beer, that’s something I avoided at the bar. Others were drinking but I showed some will power and stuck to my rules of no drinking during tournaments and went with water the whole night. I wanted to have a few beers, I like having a few beers, but I didn’t want to do anything that I’d regret so I passed on the booze. Tomorrow is the road to the final table that I plan to be on. There are 102 players left and I’d like to make the final nine in the top three in chips and feel like I’m in good position to do that- as confident as ever. This is a good opportunity for bracelet #5 with would also mean another $200K from Mr.Ivey since he did play this event… briefly. I can’t wait to play. A good nights sleep is in order, though, so on that note, good night.]]>