PokerVT is officially live!

As you guys know from reading my blog I’ve been working extremely hard on PokerVT and when you take a look at the site I think you’ll fully understand why it takes so much hard work. From a technology standpoint, there is simply nothing on the market that is comparable. Visually, PokerVT is top notch and navigating the site is extremely easy and efficient. For those of you wondering, what is PokerVT exactly? This blog should help you get a feel for what PokerVT has to offer. If you go to you can take the virtual tour of the site and listen to most of what I’m about to write. In addition to that, you’ll get a chance to check out some sample videos and lessons. Custom Course on No Limit Hold’em: Make sure you take a look at this. It’s all content that comes from me directly. It’s essentially cut into two parts: the beginners section and the small ball section. The beginner section teaches a style of poker that depends on large bets and taking some risks preflop. It is NOT the optimal strategy for No Limit Hold’em, but it will help a beginner neutralize the advantage better players may have against him.
The small ball stuff is what you REALLY want to get into your head. That section holds the key to success in the huge, million dollar plus, deep stacked tournaments (a la the WPT). I absolutely promise you that you wil find information in that section that will change the way you view tournament poker. Even if you are a high stakes cash game winner, this section will help you understand why you don’t do better in tournaments. Live Hand Analysis: This is another feature that is unique to PokerVT. We shot two full days of footage in a live studio for me to analyze and chop up later. We shot a full day of $1-$2 blind no limit hold’em with $1000 starting stacks and a wide range of skill levels. You guys are going to get a real kick out of our beginner Brad, he is a real doozie! Ever see a guy min raise the field with J-2 off? That play, is officially in Brad’s repertoire!
We also have some more accomplished players at the table including Paul Wasicka, Kirk Morrison, myself, and a steady diet of intermediate players as well, including FCP’s own “Al Smooth” and some of my boys Sam, Tyson, and Ted the HORSE idiot.
We also shot a six handed WPT-like format tournament and you’ll hear my analysis on that as well.
The uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Not only am I going to be analyzing the actual play of hands, but I also analyze the thought process of those at the table. This aspect is going to freak you out. A portion of the live footage we shot in the studio was done with every player at the table wearing sound proof headphones. Then, they would verbalize their thought process behind each hand. Often, when Paul and Kirk go at it, for example, it’s really deep stuff, other times, the thought process is so whacky that I stop the show right there and jump in with a … what the???? Online Videos from the PokerVT team: Much like some of the other training sites out there, we also offer online videos in various formats from $5000 heads up sit n’ gos to $0.25-$0.50 no limit hold’em cash games. The roster includes: Daniel Negreanu (shooting mostly $100-$200 NL, and $5000 Heads Up Sit N’ Go’s)
Annette Obrestad (better known as Annette15, the WSOPE champion)
Paul Wasicka (NBC Heads Up Champion and Runner Up in the WSOP main event)
JC Alvarado (Several major cashes on the WPT as well as online where he plays as PrtyPSux
BooostedJ (Part of a growing crop of excellent young internet players)
Adam Junglen (another brilliant young poker mind who has won the Sunday Million as well as cashed in some live events on the EPT) I’m very happy with the group of coaches we’ve assembled already and fresh content should be added weekly. Personally, I plan on shooting at least 2-3 videos a week. In addition to that, I’m always on the prowl looking to add new members to the PokerVT team. In order to stay fresh, don’t be surprised to see more coaches added to the roster in the future. Math with Prof. Charley Swayne: For those interested in understanding why things work the way they do, Charley goes into great detail covering mathematical topics related to poker. N-SPAT N-SPAT stands for Negreanu-Swayne Poker Aptitude Test and is essentially a poker quiz to test your poker knowledge. D’s Nuts This is a fun game, mainly for beginners to help them read the board. There will be more games added in the future for more advanced players related to pot odds, hand percentages, etc. I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting, but if you take the free tour you can see for yourself. At the moment, the site offers no limit hold’em content exclusively, but PokerVT will always be expanding and that means we’ll eventually have modules for all the games. So how much? Well, the regular price is $149.00 sign up fee as well as a $29.99 monthly fee. That’s if you don’t take advantage of the limited time offer which will save you $30 off the sign up fee right off the bat. That offer expires on June 20th. If you have any other questions or would like to see some reviews, you can always check out the PokerVT forum at Full Contact Poker.