PokerNews: Setting the Record Straight

Dan Michalski of sent me an e-mail containing an article he posted on his site that was written by an “anonymous pro” in response to my blog regarding the PokerNews coverage this year. I read the article, and if this is a legitimate “pro” I will absolutely eat my hat. There is virtually no chance that it was written by a pro, but we’ll never know because the author decided that he didn’t have the guts to put his name to his article. That’s not a problem I have. I’m not afraid to own my opinions, whether they are right or wrong. When they are wrong, I have no qualms with saying so and apologizing if need be. So on that note, I found it just totally frustrating when my blog on the PokerNews coverage was misinterpreted. Never for a second was I calling out the writers or chip counters of the event. In fact, one of them is staying with me for the whole month! It has NOTHING to do with the hardworking crew running around from table to table covering the event. I mean, it’s the same crew essentially as last year and last year was better. When that happens, it’s NEVER a case of the workers being the issue. I’m not accusing them of slacking off or smoking dope in the back of the Rio. That’s preposterous. I had TONS of people come to me and complain that the chip count coverage of the events were awful. I agreed when I sweated some online, so I wrote a blog about it. In that blog, I also said that the updates would be better if the chip counts were solid and there were NO hand updates. I said “better” not ideal. If you had to choose between one or the other, I’d want to know the score of the game first and foremost. When writing about a baseball game, it’s nice to give the readers some details, “Gonzalez hits into a double play to end the inning,” but you also HAVE to tell them the actual score! It’s a big deal. So this year the updates weren’t as good, I wrote a blog stating my, as well as countless others opinions, saying so. If any of the people working the floor took it personally, I sincerely apologize. My comments were not, in any way, shape, or form, directed at you guys. After I wrote the blog, I got a call from some of the people in charge and they explained to me some of the issues they were having this year. From technical issues to staffing issues. There were issues! The next time I sweated an event, the coverage was excellent. In the Stud 8 event I was sweating Harman and Juanda and not only were the live updates good, the chip counts were constantly updated. As for the “anonymous pro,” the credibility of that post HAS to be in question. It’s no different than a random internet forum post unless it has a name attached to it. It’s cowardly, plain and simple. If you want to be taken seriously “anonymous” then put your name at the bottom of your posts and take ownage of your words. **************************************************************** With that out of the way, it’s time for me to do a P90X workout then head to the Rio. There are 10 left in the 2-7 NL single draw and I have a shot with 223,000. What an absolute relief it is to finally cash and get that monkey off my back. It will all be worth it if I get hot and end up with a bracelet in by far, my absolute worst game. I have improved just from a long day yesterday, but I know I’m not very good at this game. I have a few tricks up my sleeve in the game here and there, but I’m honestly not even sure if they make sense. Either way, I’m going to continue to just follow my first instinct and go with my gut. So far, that’s been working, and it seems like in this game that’s a very important aspect towards success.