Poker, Mommy, and a Trip to Toronto

I booked another five hour session at Bellagio the night before last. I won another “peanut” but it was just a frustrating session overall. We were playing 12 games which I loved: Hold’em
Omaha Hi-Lo
Stud Hi-Lo
Stud Hi-Lo Reg
Pot Limit Omaha
No Limit Hold’em
No Limit 2-7 Single Draw
2-7 Triple Draw
A-5 Triple Draw (Yummy! I love that game!)
Limit Omaha In the third hand I was dealt we were playing 2-7 NL and I made it $10,000 to go drawing at 2-3-4-8. The button made it $40,000 which scared me a little bit, but I called anyway. I squeezed out a 6 making a very powerful 8-6-4-3-2 and bet the cap. My opponent quickly called and was dealt a 7-6-5-4-2! Yikes, stuck $100,000 right out of the gate. In the Stud 8 or better round I scooped a bunch of pots and got out of the hole and ahead about $100,000. Things went smoothly from there and I was really playing fantastic. I did get caught on one bluff, which interestingly enough was a result of the blog! Eli read about that bluff that I pulled off against him in a recent blog and this time made a very close call with a weak hand in a spot where he might not have. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny anyway and in the long run I don’t think it will cost me. After about 4 hours I was ahead about $225,000 and it looked like the game was breaking down. It was three handed, with the other two players being stuck at the time so I felt like it was a good spot to continue playing. In the next 30 minutes I lost every hand I played! I took some really tough beats that I won’t bore you with. That anti-rush cost me all of my win, and I was now stuck $90,000 myself! “Oh brother,” I thought to myself, “This is so frustrating.” Luckily the Stud 8 or better portion came back and once again I was able to scoop about three consecutive pots. The third player quit and I ended the session +$43,000 after 5 hours. That’s kind of how my sessions have gone this year so far. It’s a small sample mind you, but I seem to be ahead a little or down a little most of the way. I haven’t had a monster rush at all, but at the same time, I’ve been fortunate to not lose a big number either. It feels a little bit like a grind, but it could be worse I guess. I really wanted to put in a long session, but the games seem to be breaking up a little bit earlier than normal recently. Unfortunately, it looks like the games will be going round the clock in the coming week but I’m on my way out of town.
*************************************************************** Yesterday, I was running around town doing errands. Had to go to the bank, had to go to the Geek Squad to fix my lap top, etc. While at Best Buy, I also decided to pick up s PSP for myself. I’ve bought like 20 of them in my lifetime but those have always been gifts. On a recent flight with Carlos Mortensen, though, I noticed that he was playing this game called Exit. That game rocks! So I picked up a few games to go with it and while there I decided to add to my collection of X-BOX and X-BOX 360 games. Uh oh, we are boarding right now