Poker is Fun For Everyone

My day 1 at EPT Snowfest was a struggle man, but I played ridiculously good for real. I swear I felt like Russ Hamilton, a pure criminal. I felt like I was cheating with some of the reads that I made. There is no question about it, I should have gone broke on day 1 with the way the hands came out, but instead, I upped my 30k starting stack and finished middle of the pack with 65,700 in chips. This is my 7th tournament of the year, and I’m 7 for 7 on making day 2. Time to run good deep yo!!! Speaking of running good, oh boy have I been running sick good online. I’ve put in loads of hours (at least for me) on PokerStars in the $100-$200 game and I haven’t had a losing day yet. I’ve been thirsty for knowledge and think my online game has come a long way. I love the 6max, it suits my style sooo much better than a ring game. I play too many hands as is, so the 6 handed aspect protects me a little bit I think. I played before day one, and then on my off day, for the first time in my life, I played poker. Normally during a tournament I don’t play a hand of poker outside of the tournament, but I am so jonesing to play that I put in a session and I ran super good. I won 5.5 buy ins and hit loads of hands. I’m learning so much stuff, some of which is a bit of a stretch for me in terms of accepting, but I’m going with it anyway even though I don’t fully understand why it’s correct. Mostly I’m talking about bet sizing. A guy sent me a message explaining to me why the 4-bet bet sizing is so small among the top players, and it finally clicked for me. He worded it so well. Thanks for that dude, much appreciated. None of this is about ego. I want to be really good at everything! It’s pretty obvious that my NLH cash game results and approach hasn’t been good, but I’m working on it and it’s so fun to see results. It’s like if you work out, when you notice that you are building muscle you just want to do more and more. That’s kind of how I feel right now. I’m learning fast and closing the gap faster than expected. My confidence is high in an area where I’ve struggled. I’ve NEVER been concerned with my tournament game. I know I “got it” when it comes to tournaments. Playing mixed games, I ain’t scurred of nobody really (but I wouldn’t play Ivey heads up, just sayin’), but online poker has always been something I kind of sucked at. I don’t feel that way right now. I think I can win in the big games, but only time will tell. I’ve been crushing the $100-$200 game lately, but it’s such a small sample size that it holds little meaning. After play I even found time to run for an hour. Felt great. Working on trimming a bit of the belly fat that has been around my waste from years of drinking beers, etc. It’s coming along nicely. Not at Beckham body status yet, but I’m workin’ on it, lol. I had to nap, jetlag is still killing me, but when I woke up 2eazy, a guy I played heads up 25-50 with asked if I wanted to continue our match. That guy just owns me! I either bluff in the wrong spots or I miss everything against him. We are almost at the end of our 5000 hand match and he is ahead $30k so it’s almost impossible for me to come back in less than 1000 hands. It has been fun, though, and after this 5000 hands I’d like to try him again, and might even try 2-tabling with him to make it quicker. Eventually I need to learn how to multi-table, but it’s one step at a time. It’s 5:00am now here in Austria and the tournament resumes at 2:00pm. I guess I better get some zzzz’s.