Poker Gossip

Erik Seidel makes million dollar weight bet It’s true. Erik Seidel recently bet one million dollars that he could gain 150 pounds in precisely one year. Erik is a healthy eater, but that will obviously have to change if he is going to win this bet. Erik is putting up his million up against a few players who put up money on the don’t. I think it’s a terrible idea and could be very damaging to Erik’s health whether successful or not. In fact, the people making this bet should reconsider going through with it if they consider Erik a friend. That much weight gain in one year could kill him. Ivey to Play Tiger for Five million It looks like Ivey has bitten off more than he can chew in this match. Apparently, there is talk of a match between the “Phil Ivey of Golf” and Ivey himself at Shadow Creek at the end of this month.
Ivey’s game has improved dramatically, but that Tiger guy is pretty good at golf. Anyway, here are the particulars: 1. Ivey plays from the Ladies tees, Tiger plays from the tips.
2. They will play dead even, match play.
3. Once on the green, Ivey will get to scramble his putts.
4. Tiger will not be able to use his putter. Instead, he must putt with his driver. Ivey would obviously have to bring his A game to win this match, and frankly, I don’t like his side at all.
Barry Greenstein is considering becoming a Rabbi I know, I know, hard to believe right? Barry recently had an out of body experience that made him question everything he’s always believed. He is currently in New York City attending religious classes in the hopes of one day becoming a Jewish Rabbi. I’m as shocked as you, I never would have believed it!
John Juanda is done with poker One of the greatest poker players in the world is hanging them up. After a few bad sessions online, Juanda, feeling unfullfilled from the grind that is poker, has decided to give it up completely. John has already become a restaurant owner in Los Angeles, and may decide to spend more time there. However, more likely than that, John will go back to school to study politics. He wants to make a difference in the world and is extremely interested in politics. He has vowed to skip the WSOP, WPT, and all other events indefinitely.
Allen Cunningham to be appear as a witness for Jamie Gold This one you’d never guess in a million years. Most of you are likely aware of the lawsuit involving WSOP champion Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser. Well, according to the people representing Gold in the suit, Allen Cunningham has stepped forward and will appear as a character witness on behalf of Gold. Cunningham will apparently testify that they swapped 2% and Gold paid him immediately after the conclusion of the tournament. What else Allen has to say is still unknown. Ok, that was fun. Now I’m done. Oh, and by the way, I made all of these up. What can I say, I’m prety bored this afternoon and the Doyle story inspired me! ********************************************** On an unrelated note, my first book, “Hold’em Wisdom for All Players” is available at I wasn’t sure how well the book would be recieved, but all of the reviews I’ve seen have been positive. It’s an easy read, basically 50 hold’em tips to think about. The other book I’m working on will be a “big book” with other contributors, etc. I’m still unsure when that one will be out, but I’m really hoping to have it out by WSOP time.]]>