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Posted aadams_22 on 24 December 2006 - 10:22 PM

Merry Christmas everyone...here's a Twas the Night before Christmas parody I wrote. I hope it's funny and if not then oh well....I'll blame it on the liquorAlso don't take any of this seriously...I'm not trying to offend anyoneTwas the Night Before Christmas and all through the houseAll of //hideout\\ was drunk as a louseAadams_22 was partying and deserves a beatingFor he is the idiot who wrote this thingHanguk is no where to be found, and I’m sorry to sayThat he has to spend his Christmas in RidgwayYou'd think that Gkunit20 might have something better to doWell not on this night because he's a JewHe celebrates Hanukkah and he is happy with gleeBecause Jennifer Morrison is on the TVOff in the distance I could see Santa BeansWith a fist-full of Coronas and a girl on her kneesThe moon on the breast of his new-fallen hoRevealed the tuna smell that emanated belowOh shit he yells, get out of hereBut before you leave, get me a beerMore rapid than eagles his coursers they came,And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;Now, dereeek! Now, Hanguk! Now, GK and lvpro!On, Golden! On 76Clubs! On, Napa_Don and scottyno!Drinking a concoction of 180 proofHe yelled now move your asses and get off this roofThen he flew aimlessly into the skyWith a nudie in his left and a Corona in his rightA 747 flies into his way, He pissed his pants and froze to the sleigh From the roof up above, was a “Bang” and a “Crash”I jumped from my desk, making a living room dashAs I arrived at the hearth there was a sight and great soundSanta Beans popped from the chimney with a stumbling boundHe lurched to and fro, toting a great sack,He yawned and stretched and twisted his back.Santa glanced at the cookies children set by the fire,He noticed the milk, without a hint of desire.He examined the goodies, and then looked at me,He dropped his great sack, nearly knocking over my tree!After hours aloft my whistle is dryIs there another alternative that I might try?I looked at him and asked what I could doHe said I’m thirsty damn it I’m looking for a brewHe popped off the top, sniffed it, then drank,Damn kid, you sure know how to rank!His eyes how they sparkled, his cheeks, how merry,He belched, then sighed, and then grew quite weary.Then as if by magic he rose in a flashThat's all for tonight, I don't want to crash!He jumped to his sleigh, and gave me a winkYou’ll get what you need! Thanks for the drink!And I heard him exclaim, as he flew out of sight,"Happy Holidays to //hideout\\, and to all a good-night!"