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Funniest **** ever..just seen all the videos at billfillmaff.com and some other ones on youtube...This guy just rips hellmuth apart and does some hilarious over exaggerated impressions. Fillmaff is always saying hes the overdog in any tournament he plays and just does hilarious hellmuth antics.Some funny quotes from the videos after he busts out when his top set gets cracked by runner runner quads. Its basically fillmaff making fun of hellmuth after he loses to annie duke in the TOC 2004:"Unbelievable, ****en Unbelievable. My reverse implied odds were 500000:900. I win that hand a million times. 2nd place, 2nd place, 2nd place, all these 2nd places from 2 man tournaments. That stupid internet ostrich I saw his skinny little internet fingers and he puts a bad beat on Bill Fillmaff.

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