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After verifying your account it brings you to where you load your money onto the epassporte account. I pick fund with US bank account then I hit how much I want to deposit (I know it takes 7 days to hit your account) but when I log off and then log back on it will ask me to load funds on to my account. It wont allow me to see a history of I have tried to load. Anyone else having this problem? Sorry I have called (and its busy everytime) and emailed them the other day and no response yet.

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They always take a while to get back to you so can count on waitng at least 3 "business" days, (they love that word for some reason), but I haven't used them to load in a while, I don't think it's in the history until it gets in your account, you should get an e-mail saying that your funds are processing I think.EDIT: They send you a message that's a virtual receipt. Cancel Edit Complete Edit--------------------"If dolphins are so smart, why do they keep getting stuck in those stupid nets?"

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