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Bob (fcp Info) Obviously Riggs My Hands.

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Protege Seat7 Top 250 Multi Table Tournament, 12 Sep 2006 9:26 PM ETSeat 7: StakAssassi0 ($2,140 in chips)Seat 8: RayPowers ($1,495 in chips)ANTES/BLINDS60Series posts blind ($15), ra4Dawg posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOP3 folds, StakAssassi0 calls $30, RayPowers bets $120, 5 folds, StakAssassi0 calls $90.FLOP [board cards 6S,3S,5C ]StakAssassi0 bets $300, RayPowers bets $700, StakAssassi0 bets $1,720 and is all-in, RayPowers calls $675 and is all-in.TURN [board cards 6S,3S,5C,4D ]RIVER [board cards 6S,3S,5C,4D,7S ]SHOWDOWNStakAssassi0 shows [ 8H,8C ]RayPowers shows [ AH,AS ]StakAssassi0 wins $645, StakAssassi0 wins $3,035.

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