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King In The Hole @ Crunch Bunch

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Winning Team: Kings in The HoleLosing Team: Crunch BunchWinning Player: NutzbusterLosing Player: Vick120Start Time: 1 PM ESTTotal time played: boy......I forgot!What a wild one! Almost from the get go, it was insane. A few key hands (apologies in advance for leaving out key details).Vick120 pushed all in very early when I had a coin flip of a hand. I thought a long time but called and my hand held up. Turns out his all in was a MIS-CLICK! lol. I almost layed it down. Oh brother, and just like that he found himself firmly against the wall and all but out. But I went card dead and just never got a hand to slam the door. Before I knew it not only was he back in there with sweet little boat, but now I was the one eating felt! The deck was killing me and I was getting low. I finally pushed with K-2 of clubs on a board of (lemme see...9-8-2 I think?). I was all but finished because he had a pair of nines. turn, rag, river...TWO! Incredible. Luckbox miracle and just like that I once again had a pulse.I few hands later and Vick once again finds himself down. This time he goes all in and finds his very own luckbox miracle when he trips up with an 8 on the river! We battle back and forth and pretty much stay even, until I flop 2 pair. Vick goes all in and somehow it finally ends. I honestly do not remember the last hand. I know, it's pathetic, but I still don't know how to get hand histories. And in the heat of battle I don't remember all the hands.Anyway, it was a wild crazy ride and my hats off to Vick120. Nice game sir. Kings in the Hole starting to build some momentum now with a 2 and 1 record. :club:

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