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Completing/ Raising From The Sb

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I wondered what standard you guys have for completing the SB when there are/ is:- 4 limpers- 1 limperAnd waht are your standards for raising when there are/ is- 4 limpers?- 1 limper?

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it depends how the other guys play, but if there is one limper, i'm raising pretty much any pair, A7+, A5s+, KT+, K8s+, QJ+, QTs+, JTs.completing depends on the structure. in a 1/2 structure, i'll complete Ax, K7o+, Kxs, Q9, Q7s+, J9, J8s+, 43s+, 64s+, 67o+, 97o+.if there are four limpers, i'm raising anything i would raise UTG except AJo, KQo and worse.i'll complete with any two suited, 54o+, and 75o+.again, i'll adjust this range depending on how well people play and how likely the BB is to raise preflop.edit, initially said i wouldn't raise some pairs from the SB vs. 4 limpers, i think it is right since it allows to you win more when you make a set. i seldom have to chance to play from the SB against 4 limpers, though.

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