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The Book And Some Golf Advice

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wonder what book he is reading? I put my money on "Kill Phil". The book is a "how to" on beating players like Daniel. My guess is that people have been using the strategy from that book, and Daniel being the sharp cat that he is, had to find out what the heck it says. It basically says "Don't be stupid enough to take flops with Daniel, just shove all in." As for the golf, I played competitve golf when i was younger, so I got a tip for Daniel (or anyone else).If your trying to be a "bogey" golfer, you need to practice from 100 yards and in. In golf more than 50% of your strokes (45 strokes if your playing bogey golf) will be from inside 100 yards. Practice putting on your carpet, and chipping in the back yard (something tells me you have some sweet carpet to putt on). Here is a good rule of thumb to use, until you have more "tools" in your game. Anytime your near the green, get the ball on the ground rolling as soon as possible. If you can use your putter, then use your putter. If you can't use your putter, think about the shot you can hit that will get the ball on the ground as fast as possible. You want the ball to act like a putt, even if you have used a 7 iron to do so. There is much more room for error when you use this philosophy around the green. Your worst putt will often be better than your best pitch or chip. Short game - just like saving bets in limit poker, it seperates the winners from the losersThe Driver- this is the "all in", its sexy, people love to do it, but they place too much value on itYour swing- You can't change a leopards spots, if someone is naturally a loose player, they should go with it. If they are rocky in other walks of life, it may be best for them to be a rocky poker player. Your swing is the same thing, don't try to change to much to soon. Until you get a better grasp on the game of golf, work on everything but how your swing looks. Your clubs- You have to put your ego aside and fold those long irons. You shouldn't have an iron in your bag above a 7. They have made leaps and bounds with technology and you should take advantage of that. Get yourself a whole bunch of the metal woods, you will thank me for it later. I think I read that your favorite club is the 5 wood. Well you need a 7 wood, 9 wood, 11 wood too. You can only carry 14 clubs. Here is what i would recommend that your bag looks like.Driver- since money isn't a factor, I'd get the biggest, sickest one available, the big ones are also very light these days3wood-big and sick like the driver5 wood- if you like the one you got, keep it7 wood-find the 7 wood that matches the 5wood (remove 4 iron) 9 wood-same as above (remove 5 iron)11 wood-same as above (remove 6 iron)13 wood-same as above (will be similar to 7 iron)7 iron8 iron9 ironPWSW another wedge that you can hit a maximum of 40-50 yardsputterYou need graphite shafts, and you need to put shafts in the clubs that have a swing rate of 60-70 mph. All compotent shaft makers have the swing speeds included, so that won't be an issue.Now Josh and EDog are going to call you an "old lady" but you don't seem like the type that minds a little good natured ribbing. Old people carry a ton of woods, so be it. The fairway woods these days can be hit off of many different lies. In the fairway, in the rough, or the hard pan that most LV course have plenty of. Good luck Daniel, golf is a game like poker that you can play forever.

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