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here's a kick in the pants

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Stage #237141640: Omaha Hi/Lo Normal $1/$2 - 2005-11-30 18:33:42 (ET)Table: FAITH DR. (Real Money) Seat #6 is the dealerSeat 6 - AKRED ($42.17 in chips)Seat 7 - FAIJAI ($51.88 in chips)Seat 9 - MR_E ($51.25 in chips)Seat 2 - ROCKETWAD ($29 in chips)Seat 4 - FREEBIRDRO ($36.50 in chips)FAIJAI - Posts small blind $0.50MR_E - Posts big blind $1*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to ROCKETWAD [10d 8c Qh Kh] ROCKETWAD - FoldsFREEBIRDRO - FoldsAKRED - Calls $1FAIJAI - Calls $0.50MR_E - ChecksTable was short-handed at the time, but still, UTG - this is a fold right?*** FLOP *** [Ah Jh 10h]Ay Carumba!FAIJAI - ChecksMR_E - ChecksAKRED - Bets $1FAIJAI - Calls $1MR_E - Folds*** TURN *** [Ah Jh 10h] [Qc]FAIJAI - ChecksAKRED - Bets $2FAIJAI - FoldsAKRED - returned ($2) : not called*** SHOW DOWN ***AKRED - Does not showAKRED Collects $4.75 from main pot*** SUMMARY ***Total Pot($5) | Rake ($0.25)Board [Ah Jh 10h Qc]Seat 2: ROCKETWAD Folded on the POCKET CARDSSeat 4: FREEBIRDRO Folded on the POCKET CARDSSeat 6: AKRED (dealer) collected Total ($4.75) HI:($4.75) [Does not show] Seat 7: FAIJAI (small blind) Folded on the TURNSeat 9: MR_E (big blind) Folded on the FLOP

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never post in such small letter if you want everyone to read it too.  Change the color, OK.  Make it ~1font, not OK.
The remainder of the hand isn't important, but someone may have wanted to see what the other players at the table did. Hence, I include it. 8)
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