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got extra money, how would u use it? cash gms

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i have 1000 dollars to start out as my bankroll, i havent played cash gms except for home gms, ive played 7 tournamenys(cardroom) and won once (3000) havent placed in money other times. i know the answer but i still wana ask, wpt is coming to san jose and theres a 1000 buy in tourney, shoud i spend all money on it, or be smarter and play cash gms till i can afford a 1000 buy in tourney? i know i probably should just build money up but wpt only comes once a yr and damn it would be fun :(other question is ok ive read books played online some (dont like it myself) rather play live, but which limit should i start ? im thinking 3/6 is that a good start? how would you guys/gilrs approach it? thx for replies

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If it were me, I would play cash tables with that $1000. Of course, I wish I had $1000, my bankroll is about $62.50 right now. I know I would absolutely learn much more and very likely win more at the cash tables. From what I've heard about the 300x rule, $1000 should get you into the 2/4 tables a little short (300 x 4 = $1200). Seems to me that I would get smoked at a wpt event, but you probably have more experience that I. If $1000 to you is like $100 to me, then I would absolutely go to the wpt event. But if $1000 hurts to lose, then forget it. Play it next year with all of the accumulated experience.

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