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what's a decent win in nl?

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No limit holdem in a B&M, blinds 1-2. Buy-in 50 min, 200 max. What should an average winning session look like? $50? $300? In between? Wondering what I should be happy to walk away from the table with.

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i like to at least double my buy in... the sky is the limit in these games tho... i have bought in for 100 and left with 1300... depends on the texture of the game...i have had nights where i bought in for 200 and left with 400.... and i played better than the 1300 night. sometimes the players are real legit and it is a relatively stress free game... other times its super big bets and alot of moving in.overall though.... id say if you leave with about 200 profit it was a great success.

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