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  1. I recently placed second in my first tournament in AC and received a little over $800, as well as a tax certificate. I am assuming that the IRS plans to tax me on the full amount, even though the buyin was 50+15, so my actual winnings were less than that. How do you players who have won tournaments in the past figure the correct amount when doing your taxes?Say, for example, you bought in to a theoretical Vegas tourney for $10k, and just barely made made it into the money, winning $10k. You are only winning your buy-in back, but can the IRS tax you on this?
  2. No limit holdem in a B&M, blinds 1-2. Buy-in 50 min, 200 max. What should an average winning session look like? $50? $300? In between? Wondering what I should be happy to walk away from the table with.
  3. Looking to download a set of rules for tournament play, already have the blind structure setup, what I need is something explaining to the newbies at the game how side pots are created, various rules explained like no soft playing, no string bets, etc.Can anyone point me to a good link or two? The ones I've found thru google all stink.Thanks!
  4. At the clubs I play in the exposed card is replaced with the burn card and vice versa, thus whatever the three cards on the flop would have been, if no card was exposed, stay the same.
  5. Funny thing I saw last night....1/2 NL game, late position player bets 20, one caller. Flop comes A-J-9 rainbow. Original caller bets 20, original bettor raises all-in for 60-70 or so more. Bettor thinks then calls. All-in guy flips over A-J for two pair, caller says I got two pair too and flips A-8. Um, two pair? That's a NINE on the board.Well, the turn comes a 10 and the river a 7, and A-8 hits his straight. We couldn't stop laughing....well, maybe not ALL of us.
  6. Re-read post, when he flat-called my 2000 bet on the flop I knew he didn't have 2pair or the straight, and my kicker had him beat. Had he re-raised at that point, I wasn't all in yet so I coulda bailed.
  7. 100 buy-in tourney last night, doing well at level 4. Dealt AA, raise 3000 preflop. One guy goes all-inI call for half my stack, he has 88, and catches trips on the turn, natch. So I'm bummed but that's life. Next hand dealt AKo and raise 3000 preflop, one caller. Flop A-J-10 rainbow. Bet out 2000 to see if he caught his straight or 2 pair, he calls. Turn's a blank, I go all-in, he hems and haws then calls, has A7. Well we all know what the river is of course, that friggin 7. Think this 2000 bet on the flop was a bad bet? I should mention this guy calls if he has a piece of anything, had I gon
  8. Never had a royal but hit an SF last night. Dealt 2h-4h in the BB, flop came 3h-5h-X. Turn brought the Ah and one guy with the Kh-Xh went all-in for 30. Not a big payday but at least I had the satisfaction of finally hitting an SF.
  9. Errr....that was probably a little insensitive. Make that a lot insensitive. Well, from what my 'significant other' tells me, women pretty much feel the same way about men....guess it's the whole Mars/Venus thing.
  10. My g/f is just learning how to play, won 50 bucks last night at a 1-2 NL table....and I'll probably never hear the end of how great she played. I could have cried when the flop on one hand came 2-3-4 rainbow and UTG she went all-in for $100+. Of course everyone folded and she was very happy to win $8 with her 5-6....until we all told her how much more she would have won had she just smooth-called until the end.And boy did she get incensed last week when I told her I had to treat her just like any other player at the table, and raised her on several hands. The looks I got!!It also seems to give
  11. Talk about bad streaks...how about getting beat on the river...after playing hands like a flopped Broadway...every time, every Friday night for six months! You figure it's over, the laws of logic or physics or whatever have to eventually turn in your fzvor, only to be crushed again.Thankfully, it's over, after dropping several grand since May. Hit 4 tourneys within the last two weeks for 2nd, 1st, 1st and a chopped-up 1st. I'm only about halfway back but the boost to the self-esteem is what's really helping my game....don't feel like such a loser anymore.Just ride it out guys, eventually thing
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