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can someone please analyze my stats?

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I know this might be a small sample size, but I've just finished my 1st 2500 hands at the .5-1 limit tables and here are my results.Fold percentages: preflop - 78%flop - 8%Turn - 3%river - 1%Round:Saw the flop - 21%went to the river after seeing the flop - 39%folded to a river bet - 36%showdowns won - 61%Outcome:Pots won - 158pots split - 12pots lost - 2358Total won/lost - +64.50Hands played - 2528I know this is only 2500 hands rather than 10,000.I was just wondering if anyone could tell anything about my game by these stats alone, or can see some areas i need improvement on.Thanks,Lando

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Your missing some useful stats like how much you bet or raise as opposed to calling.Your won $ at showdown seems high. Maybe you should be playing some hands farther.But this really is a small sample size. While your working you way up to 10,000 hands, get poker tracker if you don't already have it. That will give you every stat you can think of.

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