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I just thought i'd share a hand that happened earlier tonight at a home game:The scenario: 2/4 NL HoldemMe: JJ in the hole, i raise it to $30 on the button.Player 1: KJ (suited hearts) calls in the BB (Big Blind).Player 2: 9 10 offsuit (wtf??) calls UTG (Under the Gun).The flop: K (club) / 10 (heart) / 3 (heart)Player 1 immediately moves all in for $100+.Player 2 takes a long time to think about it and calls.I move all in for another $300. The reason why I did this was because I knew Player 2 well enough to know that he didnt pair the K on the board, plus he's loose as hell, so he would call the all-in bet to me. I figured that even if I lost to Player 1 (I put him on a flush draw), Player 2 would call me, and in the end i would still have made a profit from this hand with the side pot.Player 2 calls my all-in (he had me covered).We all flip.The turn: Q (heart). Ok darn, he made his flushThe river adds insult to injury: A (heart)Royal Flush! First time i've ever seen one.

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