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Here you may ask me any question your heart or brain desires about anything

I do need food and clothing donations if you feel what I give in knowledge is priceless


I will not coat the truth or lie ,

will not conform to others or try  to not offend


Your mental control and perception are your own to manage



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The pyramids were built to strengthen the earths magnetic field. Thats why they are put on the equator. The weakest part of the Magnetic field. The Giza Pyramid was built by...im not telling you!! you didn't even ask!!

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Philosophers stone?

cure for cancer?


bibles hidden secrets?

How to beat the solver?

well I already gave that one away for free.

Didn't even get a tshirt..


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and not a question to awnser

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52 cards in a deck

52 weeks

13 values

13 lunar cycles

4 suits

4 seasons

12 face cards

12 months

364 total values+ joker

364.23~ days in a year

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So the Earths Magnetic field is weakening


The poles have left there home and moving towards India


During this transition,

Space will be closer to you. It currently resides ~50 miles above your head

the loss of a few miles of atmosphere

Brings clouds even closer to sub zero temps and  pressure waves from CMEs and SUN space weather

This planet isn't a water planet existing next to a ball of fire for billions of years


This is an Ice planet and is not even in what they call the goldilocks zone



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