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limpin is pimping concepts

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The Button Limp

Limping the button does multiple things
1. reduces our risk
2.gets position

3. limits the profitability (therefor in turn frequency)of Villian GTO solver squeezes making us fold 80% of the time using our opening range of 50%
4.Keeps out of 
position opponents with weaker holdings in the pot

5.betting small on the flop is even better now

betting 1/3rd the pot is 1BB

boy oh boy
you'd have to be watching a magician or a comedian to be told some shit like that and believe it

Until you see it yourself

6.The small sizing allows us to bet with 100% of our range
So no worrys
Go ahead and click that auto bet button for once in your life

*not saying small sizing is optimal in any given situation against any given opponent


7.Much of our range is any 2 suited

a flush draw has a higher % to hit
compared to a straightdraws chance to complete the draw

Plus flushes have a much higher propensity to get PAID

8.By having the Opportunity to also check the flop
We can potentially see the turn and gain more unrealized equity

Protecting us from our opponents raising the turn to get us off our implied odds

Unless they are ready to bet BIG
they can't get us off our math


9.Limping AA KK
The idea behind limping AA KK AK AQ
is that 
villains often Over realize one pair and draws
So beating them by a kicker.... is valuetown
Calling a GTO flop reraise or shove with aces....Priceless

Disguising your premium hands allows your 78s k4s 95s to gain credibility and offers them new opportunitys to play without raising preflop



10. Survivability
In MTT's we dont want to be all in preflop
Poker is a game of Bingo
We want to be able to buy into more bingo cards and risk less than anyone else in position
While using our brains to assess the situation completely

you ever play for 7 hours and then lose on a flip'''


Getting small pots is nice
Getting slightly bigger pots is even better
example 772 board
you hold a8 in position
by betting 1 bb alot of our opponents weaker range will continue

12. The turn check - range balance- to induce

(coming soon)


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Wanted to go over #2  position

playing limpin is pimpin out of position

How can we be the last to call a bet on the flop,

and get to be the first to jam on the turn and river?


Out of Position is IN Position

This is completely unorthodox and splits/rips the flop turn and river theory and ev calculations completely

Limping is Pimping is Heavy on the bluffs and reads

So how can one be so bluff heavy and not be ousted

by defeating bluffs and bluffing into pots that are bigger than usual with a 95% success rate


Why wouldn't you want to go first on the flop?

the in position player tends to bet with a higher frequency and wider range


are we weaklings in theory and play??

Turn/river cards are dynamic

it is important to remember to not handicap/handcuff yourself using this Limping strategy


excell in both sides of the Theory of position 


So why wouldn't you want

Opponents in position,

They are Often betting using a strategy and sizing 

you know and can forecast.

sizes/lines with specific parts of ranges on boards


Using our reads and known theory/strategy knowledge

We step away from the known base strategy's and Counterattack their GTO strat+ position 

by knowing what GTO is trying to accomplish we can deny its values any way we deem fit


87.25% win rate is not good enough for me and never ****ing will be

Your EV and My EV are two very different things


You might be The Chip Leader Once in a while

But you can call me "The Chip Leader"  AKQ


Understanding that spots like these, is what makes CHAMPIONS





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