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I'm in big blind, dealt AQ off. 6 handed I guess. Cut off raises his youngest child. I already have too many damn kids, I don't want or need another. I think he'll throw in a bbq if I reraise though, and I have 3 fresh trout that I need to cook before they go rancid. Before I do it though, existential dread or something like it overtakes me, and I begin to hear voices, ostensibly demons from the VOID, but more likely it's the aftermath of years of rampant drug abuse. I call the clock on myself. Friends tell me there is no clock, it's just a fun home game, but not even that, we've been playing euchre the whole time. Still, I call, and somehow win the bbq. Problem is that it wasn't put together, and I'm no good with tools. Anybody in the tri-state area willing to come over and help? You can half a rancid trout, on me.

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